The Sartorial Experience

A well-tailored garment is like a gentleman’s armour.

It boosts oneself confidence with its polished and refined fit and image. It will be hard to not notice it’s subtle elegance and you will stand out amongst the crowd.

Investing in a well-tailored garment is not only an investment in your wardrobe but also an investment in yourself.

Elevate your style and make a lasting impression with a well-tailored garment today.

Join us in this sartorial journey now !

Pursuit of Excellence in Craftmanship

Supremo offers both full canvas and half canvas construction, depending on the sartorial needs of the clients.

The full canvas construction allows options of hand-stitched details such as the button holes and also the stitching over at the lapel and
hem area.

We believe that quality garments will definitely last through times and we provide advises on how to maintain the garments.

True Italian Flair and Aesthetics

Having to worked with 2 renowned Italian luxury brands over the decade, I am often amazed on how the Italian gentleman are able to dress and style up so effortlessly. Apart from it’s soft construction, in particular over at it’s shoulder, the true Italian styling is impeccable.

We would like to share and provide styling advises to all clients and through intimate session, we are able to advocate on styling and building a capsule wardrobe for the clients.

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  • Hand-stitched patch pocket

    Provides a high-quality, tailored look while adding durability to the garment.

  • Hand-stitched Barchetta pocket, Milanese buttonhole & pick stitching over at the lapel

    Tailoring with a hint of

    poise and meticulousness.

  • Real working buttons with customisation

    Provides a clean and polished look with an extra layer of durability to the cuff.

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